Autographs for Non Autographed Books

The Brazen Serpent

Autographs for Non-Autographed Books:

(How can that even work? you ask!)

Dear Readers,

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

If you purchased your copy of The Brazen Serpent through Nephilim Press you may have  missed out on a autographed copy, not knowing they could be reserved and were available directly from the author (and in even more limited and exclusive numbers).

However, if you send us a self-addressed and stamped envelope, we can send you an autographed note which you can paste into your book cover rectifying the issue! This may in fact be even cooler! =) To get the address, email us at along with your book number, name and any special instructions for your autograph, we will send you an autograph designed to be pasted into your book’s cover.

Autograph instructions may include your name, magickal name, motto etc and anything you…

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