New Book: Codex Memetica


So, here we are, a few weeks after my wife’s amazing book on advanced Thelemic Qabalah, The Brazen Serpent, hit the occult community and we are going strait into publication on another book with Nephilim Press!


Regardless of the objective reality of memetic science as originated by Richard Dawkins, to us the pragmatic utility of meme theory in epistemology and cosmology is abundant and powerfully clear.

Here we set out to demonstrate an epistemology, cosmology and metaphysical theory that encompasses all known phenomena in a world view that is rational, intuitive and observable to the human mind. Anthropocentric, and simultaneously objective. Further in, we demonstrate the means to raise a mental technology for personal empowerment and growth.

The core of this cosmology is the discovery of a new class of memes that extend further into reality than Dawkins’ living constructs and thought-forms which are the product of anthropic consciousness. Instead these “super-memes” as we shall call them here, lay out a foundation for the very conditions of existence. As such super-memes are universal ideas so intrinsic to reality they approximate the most realized concept of God available to human comprehension in our time.

Naming this system “memetaphysics,” a compound aggregate word, formed from the unity of “memetics” and “metaphysics” and bringing to bare the attributes, qualities and connotations of both of these former constructs, we hope to convey the meaning of our treatise.

From this new system – “memetaphysics,” we then propose a system of utility that can be utilized for any number of human, trans-human and spiritual pursuits.

Codex Memetica will be made up of four parts or Codices.

As we did with the Brazen Serpent, here is an annotated table of contents:

Codex Memetica

Annotated Table of Contents:


Codex I: Memetaphysics:

Codex I: Memetaphysics lays the foundations for the entire book, outlining standard memetics, our own Super-Meme Theory and the ground work for our Memetic Qabalah.


Codex I: Memetaphysics begins with a basic introduction into the subject of meme theory as it was proposed by Richard Dawkins in his 1976 treatise The Selfish Gene. We discuss the nature of memes and standard memetics according to his definition and look at what is generally known and theorized about the subject in popular culture, media, marketing and magick. We begin to look at memetics from an epistemological point of view and begins to break down the subject into a theory of knowledge, explaining the human narrative sense-making apparatus and the mind as a memetic engine.

Preliminary Memetaphysics

After outlining standard memetics we now introduce Super-Meme Theory or Memetaphysics. We postulate a set of criteria for identifying a class of arch-meme that is a priori to human consciousness. Forces of nature that are universal, self-evident and consistent in the universe. We break this new class of super-meme down into three tiers, T1, T2, and T3 and we identify twelve of these arch-memes.

Descent into Consciousness

We also identify another set of memes which we call Anthropic Primes. Like the super-memes, these are also universal, self-evident and consistent. However, unlike the super-memes they are posteriori to human consciousness.

Anthropic Primes

Using the Sephiroth of the Hermetic Qabalah we arrange the Ten Anthropic Primes we have identified upon the Tree of Life and build the foundations of an Memetic Qabalah. It is referred to as Psychically Ergonomic Spiritual Technology.


Codex I: Memetaphysics concludes with a summarization of the process and a brief discussion of the application thereof.

Codex II: The Great Work

The Second Codex: The Great Work builds towards Memetaphysics from a new direction. Here we introduce the concept of the Magickal Mechanism and discuss how to break down the components of the human sense-making apparatus so they can be reapplied meaningfully to Memetaphysics.

The Magickal Mechanism

This section describes how the four classical elements are intrinsic to the human sense-making apparatus and how, by their employment through magick they may be utilized for self transformation and magick. We introduce the Supreme-Memeplex as Tetragrammaton and demonstrate how this god name arises from alchemical Mercury, Sulphur and Salt – our three primary super-memetic conditions: Universal, Self-Evident and Consistent. Importantly we discuss memetic resonance as a technique.

The Great Work

The Great Work of the Alchemists was ostensibly to turn base metals into gold. Here we discuss the difference between high magick (self-actualization) and low magick (anything not related to self-improvement and unity with the All). It is noted that Memetaphysics and magick can be applied to either without judgment, but it is made clear that the former is the subject of this book while the latter may only be touched upon at times in passing.

Codex III: The Memetic Qabalah

Codex Three: The Memetic Qabalah goes much deeper into the Qabalistic system than we have been so far and renders it into our memetic model using super-memes and anthropic primes to create a new basis for our entire system. Now we take everything we have learned so far and integrate it into the qabalistic Tree of Life, shedding new light on this ancient magickal system and demonstrating its profound depths and pragmatic usefulness. This section is brimming with original diagrams.

The Memetic Qabalah

We outline Tree of Life and its various traditional uses and attributions. We cover the Three Pillars, the Four Worlds, Parts of the Soul, Adam Kadman, Color Scales and Theory, etc

Astrology and the Memetic Qabalah

We discuss and connect the astrological planets to the Anthropic Primes that we  introduced earlier. Now, most importantly and centrally to the rest of the book, we connect the Zodiac to our Twelve Super-Memes, demonstrating, justifying and elaborating upon them. We also cover the Tarot as it pertains to Memetic Qabalah.

Descent into Matter

This begins our first direct foray into traditional qabalah as we reinterpret it in light of our Memetaphysical theory. We begin with the Three Veils of Naught. Ain, Ain Soph, Ain Soph Aur.

The Sephiroth

Using clear diagrams as well as quotes from traditional sources, we discuss the Spheres on the Tree of Life and how they relate to our Super-Memes and Anthropic Primes. Each Sphere has a diagram, a description and collection of attributions.

The Paths of Wisdom

We continue to break the 22 paths of the Hermetic Qabalah down into Super-Memetic attribution. Again we supply diagrams, quotes and reference data as well as our own super-memetic interpretations and understanding.

Codex IV: Praxis

Having discussed and outlined memetic and super-memetic theory, Memetaphysics, the magickal mechanism, the memetic qabalah and magickal theory, Codex Four is a treatise centering on the technical and practical applications of memetic magick itself.


We discuss the purpose, pros’, cons and the popular and traditional myths relating to initiation. Initiation is discussed as a memetic-construction.

Occult Memeplexes

This section covers the traditional Magickal Formulas. It includes formulas such as VITRIOL, The Dying and Rising God, ARARITA, Caduceus, the Akasha Complex, as well as sections on divination and oracles, the astral plane, reincarnation, karma, magickal languages, gematria and mystical numbers, the magickal record, “Lust of Result”, Raja-Yoga, the Four Powers of the Sphinx, Baphomet etc.

Ritual and Ceremonial Magick

Extensively discusses Memetic Ritual Construction, the Memetic Chain, Ritual Format, Objectives, the Memetic Temple Complex, Ritual Elements, and a memetic breakdown of the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. We also discuss Weapons and Tools, Theurgy. This is followed by Invocation and Evocation, then Memetic Intelligences, Entities and Archetypes. The Sacred Magick of Abramelin and finally Sacred Word Squares.

Magickal Systems

Beginning with a general introduction to magickal systems and paradigms. We discuss how not all systems are created equal and that some are more valuable than others, conforming to our super-memetic principles to a greater or lesser degree. The Chapter then breaks down a number of systems and discusses their value from a Memetaphysical perspective.

First we demonstrate how Codex Memetica is essentially a form of Chaos Magick and then we discuss Meta-Paradigms. After outlining interrogating Chaos Magick and its various components fully, we move onto a raft of other common magickal systems. These include sections on Enochian followed by a thorough overview of the Thelemic Construct and its specific formulas, including concepts such as True Will, Aeons, Logos and the Thelemic Archetypes, the Abyss etc.

The final section covers Other Paradigms and briefly discusses their value to Memetaphysics. This includes a breakdown of New Age, Neo-Pagan and Reconstruction, Wicca, Norse/Germanic Magick, African and American Magick, Satanism of various types and finally Luciferianism.


A brief outro and conclusion to the work.


We have included the one Appendix in the manuscript which was most relevant. It is a breakdown of how we constructed the Super-Meme sigil—Sigillum Memetica. We have a variety of other essays and Appendices we would like to include too including numerous diagrams.



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