Thelema and the Path of Power

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

It has become apparent to me that there is a certain faction of Thelemites who believe that because Frederick Nietzsche is accorded honours within the broad Thelemic context, that Thelema should be interpreted as a conservative, right wing, fascist, might-is-right system of attainment, which at least one individual has described to me as ‘The Path of Power’.

What is meant by Power is debatable to them. I think when you start meaning things other than the Universal, Self-Evident and Consistent meaning of a word, (such as Power for example) as it relates to the Tree of Life you are walking into folly. “Truth has a little and a certain compass, but error, is immense.” –Henry Saint John.

“Truth has a little and a certain compass, but error, is immense.” –Henry Saint John.

I personally argue that Power, as a method of attainment cannot, alone, cross the abyss. (This being the long term objective of any magickian worth their salt, who has thought this system through). For he who truly attains to his angel, knows that he cannot rest in Tiphareth forever. Everything he has learned from the Path by now draws him forward. Momentum has been achieved. The only way out is through.

Hadit, we know, does not stop!

The true Adept knows he must not stagnate here. That is the very definition of a Black Brother. Thus, this Geburan/Mars momentum carries the aspirant through Tiphareth, and then,  to Geburah– where the ego is to learn the limits of its own power (and the limits of power itself). By this fashion will the Adept take their first step onto Teth allowing Chesed, later, to be attained. Ultimately the ego must be destroyed there too (thus signalling the Babe in the Abyss).

It seems to me that brutal, unchecked power must ultimately be balanced by Chesed before one can attain any further. Believing might is right is a roadblock to spiritual progress when entering the Abyss.

We know Chesed is Mercy. Mercy must be sought, attained and given before the Abyss can be crossed. The Abyss is a leap of Faith. We must return to a child-like state or we stagnate and die. The so called Geburan “Path of Power” ends here. It is limited and microcosmic and only suitable for the aspirant who refuses to take up the Path out of ego-fear (which, I suggest is impossible for any one who has truly attained to Tiphareth.

I believe that 5=6 in the A.’.A.’. system, or the attainment of Tiphareth, along with the ensuing “Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel”, may in fact be attained via this so called Path of Power). However, in my opinion, any magickian who has achieved Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel–and is operating their True Will–cannot, but act in accordance with 1. Universal, 2. Consistent and 3. Self-Evident natural laws–which are ultimately Balanced and not Mars heavy.

It is important, I feel, to bear in mind that at some point on the Tree of Life, every position is tenable and any other position may be seen as untenable or even Sacrilege. Until the Abyss. Then, all positions are simply divided into qlippothic (in this case, basically useless or ineffectual, feeble propositions that have no basis in reality), and that which can be utilized to evolve. The Mars impetus is absolutely there in Nietzsche’s work, and is very strong in Thelema, but it cools off dramatically in Chesed at Exempt Adept. That is to say it becomes fulfilled and balanced. It is not the Highest Truth, in and of itself, and We pursuit the highest truths. It is a very important one. But not the end of the story.

This signals to me a process of maturity and an attainment of The Vision of No Difference–the annihilation of duality, which anyone who has actually read the A.’.A.’. cannon will understand is really the point–not power, in and of itself.

We all know that “unbalanced Mercy is weakness” and “unbalanced Might is (essentially) tyranny”.  Why then, would we pretend that a hard-core, right wing, interpretation of Thelema was an absolute truth when clearly Truth in Thelema depends on what grade/sphere you are in, and how well you have dealt with the primary tasks and obstacles of the Great Work.

A part of the ego must be destroyed in each sphere before the next stage is ready to be approached.


Frater NOX

Love is the Law. Love under Will.



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