The Dark Side of Meditation, Really?

Yes, introspection can be unpleasant. Especially if you spend your life ignorant of your shadow. How can you be a balanced, intigrated individual if you don’t begin to face your shadow? Ultimately the dark side of meditation is facing the unconscious and recognizing and acknowledging the contents and potential of ones mind/self. Link to article: […]

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The Image of God

I just love this post about True Will. My Love for God and God’s Love for Me springs from the Great Secret we share. The Secret is: God and I will achieve Supreme Enlightenment at the same moment. Click through to read the whole article. Aleph Null

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Originally posted on { 93 }:
? The structure of the pentagram attributes two corresponding elements to make up the element in any given point. The point of Spirit is held upright by Earth and Fire, Air is the result of Fire and Water, Water is the combination of Air and Earth, and Earth is formed by Spirit…

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